Wednesday, February 11, 2015

This is great For International callers and for US clients too

As you guys know I have been taken calls for years now on Niteflirt. I know Niteflirt does not allow international calling so now you can call me on
 direct calling @1-800-636-0840
So you guys  have many options now. No excuses Call me.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Your BBW Latina Shemale Goddess has Awaken Again 2013 Updates !!!

Hi guys, I know I have not been around in very very long time,. Unless you call me on Niteflirt or Webcam with me. After traveling a lot for 2 years I decided just to calm down and enjoy PA a litle bit more lol That's where I live in Central, Pa if you guys din't know. Anyways I know you guys missed me so I am here. Now this is the Norm with me. I will be around a lot, blogging here and there, always on YouTube, and all over the net. Then I just want a break and relax. I guess that is the  norm with every job. So like I mentioned before, I am still in Pa and I am not traveling anymore like I use to, oh and  I am slowly going blond again yay !!! I got so over the Black hair lol. I just turned 21 ha ha ha on July 10th. Also I updated my xtube, Facebook, YouTube accounts. just Google Elizabeth Toppz and you will get access to any other material I got out there. Later on I will post new pixs here so no worries, for those of you's that do not know my email is If I have not answer any emails you have sent in the past, don't take it personal when I'm taking a break that email account is inactive. Feel free to email again Since your Goddess has awaken once again. I will talk to you again soon

Your Goddess

Elizabeth Toppz

Training A slut with a buttplug


Hey Bitches,  here is a fucking Marine that came to me all Macho and left my house like true Faggot lol Me moaning in background as im jerking off my Cock mmm enjoy and remember Call Elizabeth Toppz for phone sex on

Friday, August 24, 2012